Silver lining, my ass…..

So just when I thought this whole PhD thing was starting to roll along smoothly and actually reap some rewards it goes and bites me in the ass.

So here’s the story of more despair, on both an academic and personal level.

Recently while running the experiment and going through the results we had a thought that something was not right. So we checked. And then we checked some more. But the outcome and conclusion was the same…there was a problem with the experimental setup which meant that the results were incorrect.

For me this was a bit of a disaster, as there’s at least a year’s worth of work based on the result I spent 6 months getting. Basically that’s 18 months if my life wasted. Time I’ll never get back. On an academic level it’s tough, for days I’ve lost all motivation to even think about my work or how to go about fixing everything. It’s kinda soul destroying.

Edit: I came accross this blog recently and thought this would fit in perfect here!

And while I’ve had no motivation to work, I’ve had time to reflect on my personal life. And that’s been a sobering experience! For the last 18 months or so I’ve put most of my time into my PhD so I’ve had quiet a limited social life. In fact its safe to say I’ve neglected it. Previously this wasn’t a huge issue as I still had plenty of friends around, but recently quite a lot have started to move on to new places so now I’m left with just a handful of close friends.

In another note, quiet a few of my friends have reached significant milestones – finished their PhD, got engaged, got married, bought homes etc.

All this has just made me think about my life and what I’ve achieved. Honestly, very little! Apart from some recent heartbreak when I though I’d met my dream girl, my life is empty. I have a few close friends but no one to share the moments in my life with.

So as a guy in his late 20’s I’ve realised I need to put some priorities on my social life. Or else I’m probably going to die a lonely, old bitter man…..


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